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How Our Blog Writing Service Works

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It’s really easy to order and manage our blog writing service using your dashboard. All you need to do is click ‘Order’, choose the content length, input your project details and confirm your order.

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We’ll allocate your project to the best-suited writer on our team. They’ll research your topic before creating engaging, optimized blog posts to drive relevant traffic to your site.

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Once your order is complete you’ll be able to view and download the content from your dashboard in seconds. You can also request revisions if required too.



A blog writing service is a business where skilled, professional writers create blog posts and other digital content for individuals, businesses, or organizations. Many marketing agencies, in-house marketers, and business owners use blog writing services to increase their content creation capacity.


If you’re thinking about outsourcing your blog writing, using a blog writing service is smart and cost-effective. You’re able to tap savvy, experienced writers to create useful, engaging content that connects with your audience and ranks.

You can use blog posts to promote your products and services, answer commonly asked questions from prospective customers, and showcase your brand. Many writers who work for blog writing services are expert generalists, meaning they know how to research and understand any topic so they can write authoritatively on it.


In addition to content creation, most blog writing services also offer blog topic ideation, and layers of editing, formatting, proofreading, and web optimization to their workflows for clients. Most also offer managed services that are ideal for clients who do not want to manage the content creation process themselves.

Managed services can include things like building custom pools of writers in your industry, integrating with your content workflow tools, and managing the writers, deadlines, and everything else for you.


By using a professional blog writing service, you can leverage the expertise of experienced writers to maintain a consistent high-quality blog presence. Publishing regular blog posts that position you as a thought-leader in your industry help to attract and retain readers, drive website traffic, and ultimately support your broader marketing and business objectives.

Benefits of Blog Writing

UK/US Writers

We’ll produce remarkable blog content in UK and US English.

Topic Creation

Provide your own title or let our blog writers craft compelling titles for you.

Vetted Writers

All our writers are rigorously vetted on quality and experience.

Fast Delivery

We can complete small projects in just 48 hours with unlimited revisions.

Benefits of Blog Writing



We try hard not to. These 4 things set us apart:

  1. Great writers: We don’t have 1-star, 2-star and 3-star blog writers. We have writers that meet our high standards, and that’s it.
  2. Superior process: Our combination of specially-trained human writers, proprietary AI tools, automated QA checks and human proofreading creates dramatically better content.
  3. We know content: We’ve spent the last 10+ years actually creating content for agencies and businesses. We know what quality looks like and how to create it at scale.
  4. Scalability: Create as much or as little content as you need at a given time. Both our technology & team are designed to flex based on need.


Our writers use proprietary tools to create content on-demand. You create a request by filling out a few fields of info. Our system immediately generates an outline that you can review and edit as much as you like. Accept the outline and your content order is complete. Our writers get to work behind the scenes in a back-and-forth workflow that is unique to Verblio. In 2 – 4 days, your content is ready in a google doc.

It’s free to sign up for Verblio. Your platform fee of $49.50/month is waived for your first month, and there is no monthly minimum content spend.

Get the full low-down here. 


Not if we’ve done our jobs correctly.

We’ve built a system to quickly and efficiently brief writers and produce quality content that’s publish-ready. You own 100% of the rights of the content you purchase. Most of our clients use someone on their team, or their company name, as the author.


We’ve honed our content request processes over years of experience to help customers communicate intent, audience, and SEO goals.

Every time you order, you’ll have a chance to review an outline before you complete your purchase. This is an important step—you can steer and course-correct our system to get precisely the content you need.


Yes. It’s free to sign up for Verblio’s platform, and you pay as you go when ordering content. There is a monthly platform fee of $49.50/month that is waived for your first month. See pricing. 

Benefits of Blog Writing

Questions? Check out our FAQs

What is Blog Writing?

Blog Writing is an important part of content marketing. By sharing engaging insights, opinions, and information on your website, you can build awareness and credibility for your client’s brand or business. Writing quality blog posts as part of your SEO strategy can also help you to rank higher in search engines, particularly for informational SEO keywords. With the addition of internal links, blogs can also play a key role in supporting your top-tier “money pages,” such as service pages and categories.

Why should blog writing be part of your SEO strategy?

Blog writing is a great way to raise awareness and attract new, organic traffic, particularly for informational search terms. Search engines, such as Google, rank websites based on relevance and quality. If you update your website regularly with rich, well-researched blog content that answers your audience’s questions clearly, you stand a greater chance of being rewarded in search engines whilst also establishing your brand as a voice of authority in your industry or niche.

By providing comprehensive, relevant answers to users’ search queries, blog posts can essentially become a secondary route for attracting web traffic, working in harmony alongside your product or service pages.

As blog posts are typically more engaging than product and category pages, they are also a fantastic asset for gaining backlinks to build authority; this is especially true for evergreen blog content.

Why use professional blog writing services?

Outsourcing your content creation will not only save time, allowing you to focus on other areas of your client’s content strategy, but also helps to ensure that you deliver high-quality blog content every time.

With our Blog Writing Services, you can rest assured that your content will be error-free, tailored to your client’s preferred writing style, and 100% unique. Our expert writers are also highly experienced in search engine optimization and can craft blogs to give you the best chances of ranking higher in search engines.

How long does it take?

Our Blog Writing Service can be completed in as little as 48 hours with our express delivery option. Standard delivery is 4 days.

Orders for over 100 blog posts will have a 10-day standard turnaround time and 5-day express turnaround.

I need a specific word count, can you do this?

We offer more content-length options that are available during the order process.

Can you optimise my blog post for Surfer SEO?

We offer Surfer SEO optimization on Pro Blog Writing orders only.

To qualify, please provide us with your Surfer SEO Content Creator Link when submitting your order. This can be pasted into the Project Brief on the order form.

The brief will then be passed on to your writer, who will aim to achieve a score of 80+ when drafting your blog post. This will be dependent on several factors, including if the word count ordered sits within the recommended limits from Surfer SEO.

Once complete, we’ll then share the content with you in a downloadable online word-based document.

Can you create blog topics for me?

With our Basic and Pro Blog Writing Services, we can create blog topics for you. All we ask for is a brief description of your content requirements. You can also provide us with the website if you think this would help with the content style.

Please note that we do not currently offer approval for topic creation.

What industries do you cover?

Our SEO blog writing service can be used across any niche covering both B2B and B2C businesses. All our writers are highly experienced in creating a variety of blog types, including How-To articles, one-page listicles, and in-depth blog articles, which can help to establish thought leadership.

What if I don't like the content, can you make changes?

Sure. You’ll have 10 days to make any amendments you like with our writers. From within your dashboard, you can request amendments by clicking the ‘Request Amendments’ button once your blog post is complete. We’ll need your details for the required changes, which will go directly back to our writer. They will then get to work on the edits and re-submit the project back within 2 days. Revisions are available across both our Basic and Pro blog writing services.

What format do you send the blogs in?

We send completed projects in a Google Doc. You can then download the content in any format you need or simply copy and paste it into your website CMS if the content is to be published online.

How many orders can you handle?

There are no limits to our blog writing service! Our content writing services are completely scalable as we write hundreds of blog articles every day, 7 days a week, and almost 365 days a year.

If you wanted to bulk order posts to cover updating your blog for many weeks in advance, that’s perfectly fine!

What are the differences between your Basic and Pro Blog Writing Services?

With our Pro Blog Writing Service, projects are allocated to 4 & 5-star writers only, whereas with our Basic Blog Writing Service, projects are allocated to any available writers with a rating of up to 3 stars.

With Pro orders, you’ll also get thorough subject research, rich media, internal links, and a meta description written for you. You’ll also be able to request your favorite blog writers, meaning more continuity in your projects.

How are your writers rated?

You, our clients, rate our writers. You have the freedom to rate every completed blog post between 1 and 5 stars. We determine our best 4 & 5-star blog writers from these ratings.

Can I use the same writer for all my blog writing projects?

With our Pro Blog Writing Service, you can order projects from your favorite writers.

Once a blog post is completed, your dashboard will tell you the writer’s name who completed your project. You’ll then be able to order directly from that writer moving forward by clicking the link underneath their name. This is a great way to work with a select number of writers to ensure continuity for your brand.

This option is only available with Pro orders.

Are your blog writing services white label?

With both our Basic and Pro Blog Writing Services, your clients will never know FATJOE created your blog content. In fact, all our content writing services are designed to be resold. This means you’ll be able to sell our services like for like with markup or use them as part of a large digital marketing campaign.

Love rhyming CTAs? We've got those for days. Get the blog content you need, with quality and speed. Let us write to fill your site; enjoy SEO delight.